Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning : An Excerpt

Designing and constructing technology that performs tasks using human-like intelligence is what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about.

After the successful take-off of computer science in the 1900s, the idea of machines processing and acting analogously to the human mind wasn’t a far-fetched concept to the scientists.

Though similar theories and concepts had always been arising, AI started to spark interest among the computer scientists and was officially established in 1956, being coined by John McCarthy, the inventor of the computer programming language “LISP”.

AI builders envisioned technology with ingrained human intelligence as an amalgamation of human brain tendencies with machinery.

The basic components of human intelligence comprise of the abilities of learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and using language.

AI creators nest most of the above-mentioned capabilities, if not all, in their machinery as an interpretation of the human mind.

In addition to these human characteristics, the researchers have been working on how our brain works, operates, and responds to various problems and situations (known as “cognitive simulation”), to plant the information in their algorithms making their appliances more “smart” or “intelligent”.

The initial thought that crosses our mind when we think of machines with human intelligence is of robots.

Robotics and AI are definitely not mutually exclusive but they aren’t completely similar either.

AI practitioners have always been more focused on building programs and algorithms which replicate the behavior of the human mind.

Robotics on the other hand focuses more on mechanical plus electrical engineering and is sensor oriented.

Having mentioned this, the merger of both these fields has an incredible potential to create autonomous technologies imitating human behavioral patterns of thinking, acting, reacting, problem-solving, decision making, and soon enough being able to process and replicate an emotion.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence will create technological marvels.

Having witnessed the development of smartphones, smart computers, and upcoming projects of smart cities too, the prospects of AI are unfathomable.

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