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Essential Email Marketing for Bloggers: Meaning, Types and Benefits

Did you know according you DMA, For every $1 spend on email marketing you get $42 in return.

A successful blogger is the one that builds a loyal audience. Your visitors come back and subscribe to your blog if they find your content incredibly helpful.

That’s why email marketing for bloggers is super important. When your readers turn into your subscribers, you need to make sure you keep providing them with more useful guides and content.

Keep them hooked on to your blog. And there is no better way than to use email marketing to achieve that.

There are multiple reasons why email marketing for bloggers has worked wonders for all successful bloggers today.

You visit any website and there is an instant pop-up of a subscription option!

You can subscribe to their newsletter, or subscribe to their guides on various topics, subscribe for more podcasts, and subscribe to their blog.

And it’s a win-win situation for both the blogger and the reader. The blogger retains their audience and the reader receives all the required information.

Email marketing for bloggers is imperative! This has the potential to grow your blog into a huge success, if done right.

Let’s get into the details that shed a light upon email marketing for bloggers.

This this guide on email marketing for bloggers you will learn the meaning, types and the benefits of email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing for bloggers is sending commercial emails to all who have willingly signed up or subscribed to your blog.

These emails are sent to your email list to inform them about any new content or news they would be interested in.

This helps you to build your own online community and share more of your content via email as well as retaining your subscribers simultaneously.

In this way you get to build a trustworthy relationship with your readers and carry out effective conversations with them.

These emails can be personalized and categorized depending on what your readers choose to be notified for.

Types of email marketing: examples

Email marketing for bloggers contains a few types of emails you can send to your contact list.

These tell you what kind of emails you should create and on what occasion you send them. Let’s get into it.

  • Promotional emails
  • Newsletters emails
  • Announcement emails

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are those that promote any new product you might be launching, any new offers, guides, seminars or book discount sales.

Any service you are providing that needs promotion can be done through promotional emails.

Check out the following examples:

email marketing for bloggers
email marketing for bloggers

Newsletter emails

Newsletter emails are those that share news, insights, tips, your latest blog post or just your thoughts about a certain topic in a form of a letter!

Through these types of emails you build strong relationships with your subscribers.

Effective communication occurs with these emails where your readers can reply and ask their queries.

email marketing for bloggers
email marketing for bloggers

Announcement emails

Announcement emails, as the name suggests are the ones where you announce your upcoming events, releases, and offers.

These emails can also be promotional but with less promotion incentives.

email marketing for bloggers
email marketing for bloggers
email marketing for bloggers

Benefits of email marketing

Your blog growth majorly depends on your readers.

Good content attracts a lot of traffic but among numerous good blogs out there also providing great content, how do you maintain that traffic?

One of the main reason why email marketing for bloggers is extremely important.

Let’s look at the benefits email marketing carries.

  • Sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic Retention
  • Online community


Launching an email marketing campaign for a new segment on your blog, new products or new services helps tremendously with the marketing process.

These emails go straight into your readers inbox and they are made aware of your new activities.

And most probably, your subscribers might highly be interested in your products as you offer services they find helpful.

All discounts and special offer emails encourage your subscribers to buy your services and products.

Brand Awareness

Another top notch benefit of email marketing is that your subscribers won’t forget about you or your blog.

Receiving emails from you every now and then will let your subscribers be very aware of your blog and its activities.

Your name will be familiar to them and there would be one to one communication with your reader.

Doesn’t that seem much better than a social media post? It’s becomes more like a personal contact.

Loyal Readers

Having people subscribe to your blog means that they are interested in the content you post.

So many of your subscribers will definitely read all your new blog posts and engage with your blog.

This means that your don’t lose any potential view.

You can be certain that you will get decent amount of views from your subscribers.

Online Community

With email marketing, bloggers can build a strong community online.

This helps with your online presence and it has the potential of major blog growth through potential shares and word of mouth.

Your email list is your community with who you share all the information and insights you want and acquire the trust of many.

This strong online community bond will enhance your business sales and popularity among your target audience.

Last Thoughts

Email marketing for bloggers is as essential as growing your social media presence.

Email marketing has high accessibility and scalability as almost everyone knows how to use emails.

It is also affordable and easy to use. With so many benefits you absolutely can not miss out on email marketing.

Start your email marketing as soon as you can.

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