how to start a food blog and make money

How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money: An Effective Step by Step Guide

So I guess you landed up here because you want to know how to start a food blog and make money from it.

Well first let me tell you that food blogging can be extremely successful online.


Because every other person looks up recipes. Whether it’s a quick dinner recipe for four or a small lovely breakfast.

Especially people who live alone need immense help in cooking healthy food for themselves.

There are also many occasions where so many of us want to cook specials meals for our loved ones or make them their favorite cuisines.

There are so many food niches to choose from.

Vegan food to meat feasts.

Desserts to drinks.

No matter what you specialize in, it will be searched for online. You just need to readily provide them with your content.

And what better way to do that than starting a food blog!

Plus it comes with the added advantage of making good, decent money.

So many food bloggers out there making a living by blogging about food. Recipes, reviews, kitchen appliances, crockery, diet knowledge. They share it all.

But having said let me also tell you that to start a food blog AND make money from it is hard work. You really have to put in the effort and have an incredible amount of patience.

But once you see the results you’d be proud that you became a blogger and never look back.

Let’s go through what beginner bloggers had to say:

How to start a food blog and make money
How to start a food blog and make money

If that doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what will.

Yes, blogging takes hard work. But the returns are worth it!

So if you think you know your food well and are ready to share that with the world then it’s time for you to start a food blog and make money from it!

So let’s get to it!

In this guide on how to start a food blog and make money, you will learn:

How to start a food blog

Step 1: Get hosting & domain

Creating your own website is incredibly easy, cheap, and hassle-free. Just execute all the following steps one by one.

There is another blog post that teaches you how to make your own website for beginners, you can check that out as well!

First, we buy our hosting and set our domain.

1) Go to Bluehost’s page here.

How to create a website yourself

Click on get started. It will lead you to this page.

How to create a website yourself

Choose the duration of your plan.

How to create a website yourself

It’s best to choose a basic plan for your website when you are just starting out.

You can change the plan after your first term when you understand running a website.

The next step is to create your domain name.

A domain name is basically your website address. In the image below, the domain name is “”.

How to create a website yourself

You can type in the name you want. By clicking next, Bluehost tells you whether the domain name is available or not.

how to start a food blog

“” was not available. So “” was chosen.

Bluehost gives you a list of suggestions if your domain name is not available.

You can either choose from the options above or come up with your own name.

How to create a website yourself

Right when you land on the page above, Bluehost gives you a discount pop-up.

How to create a website yourself

If it doesn’t show up, try and hover over the close tab button.

Once you see the pop-up and click on “claim savings”, Bluehost will offer you a discounted plan rate of $2.65/mo.

How to create a website yourself

Check your plan information in the package information section. In package extras, if you leave them blank that will be okay.

But Bluehost insists on domain privacy and code guard basic protection. Just check domain privacy and that will be all.

Make sure you have filled in all details to create a Bluehost account or you can just sign in with Google.

Make sure you verify your information via the verification email sent to you by Bluehost.

Next step would be the payment part.

How to create a website yourself

Fill in the information to buy your plan, agree to the terms and click submit. After payment, you will receive the receipt.

How to create a website yourself

Okay! Now your hosting process is done! Just click on create account to proceed.

2) Installing WordPress

After clicking on create account you are going to have to create your password. After which you log in to your Bluehost account.

How to create a website yourself

After logging in. Bluehost asks you a few routine questions to give you your perfect website. You can either answer them or skip for later.

After that Bluehost installs WordPress for you in under a couple of minutes.

How to create a website yourself

After installation Bluehost takes you to its dashboard.

How to create a website yourself

Next, go to My Sites on the left bar. Then hover over your website in the box and log in to your WordPress account.

How to create a website yourself

Bluehost then takes you to your WordPress dashboard. The back-end of your website. The place where you create and customize all your content, which looks a bit like this.

How to create a website yourself

At this point, you can already launch your website which will then be live on the internet.

How to create a website yourself

Click on Bluehost on the top left or click on Coming soon active.

Click Launch.

Bluehost will then give you the option to view your live website.

Make sure to note down your login details for your account. You will get informed via email on signing up!

But we are not done just yet. To start a food blog and make money isn’t all that simple. We are just getting started.

Let’s get on to the next step.

3) Installing the right theme

In this tutorial, we are going to import starter templates provided by Astra.

These templates give you prebuilt sites and you wont have to waste a lot of your time on customization

Check out these FREE food blog themes. This is how your website will look.

Option 1 (Baking)

Option 2 (Chef)

Option 3 (Recipes)

Of course, there are more options provided to you. Some you have to pay for and some are free.

And yes, you get to edit the names, titles, images, menus, and more.

Now to get these templates, execute the following steps.

Go to Astra’s page here.

How to start a food blog and make money

Click on download now

How to start a food blog and make money

Scroll down and click on download free Astra theme.

How to start a food blog and make money

Type in your details and the download will begin.

How to start a food blog and make money

Next, go to your WordPress dashboard. Go appearance and then themes.

food blog
food blog

At the top, click on add new and then on upload theme.

food blog
how to become a food blogger

Drag and drop your downloaded .zip file here. Click on install now.

food blogger
food blogger

After installation, the theme will show up.

food blogger

Go to Astra options under appearance.

food blogger

You will be directed to this page. Click on the install importer plugin.

food blogger

Next would be to choose a page builder. Select Elementor and click next.

food blogger

Here, you will be provided with all their start templates. You can choose anyone you like.

food blog

The ones with the agency tag mean that you need to pay in order to get the premium version.

food blogging

You can get a feel of how the site looks by clicking on the preview button.

food blogging

It will show you a glimpse of your site.

food blogging

After you make your choice, Click on the import site button which is placed at the bottom left of the preview page.

food blogging
food blogging

After your site is imported, it’s ready for viewing!

The next step is the customize your beautiful site by giving it a Title and a name, adding in the images you want and more.

For a tutorial on how to customize watch this video here!

Now we start blogging!

4) Writing your first post

On your WordPress dashboard, go to posts —> Add New.

How to create a website yourselff

This is the WordPress posts page, where you write all your content.

Type in your title and start writing your recipes!

How to create a website yourself

After you are done with your article, you can click on publish top right and your article will be live on your website for people to view.

How to create a website yourself
How to create a website yourself

Click on view post to view your article live. And you are done!

To learn how to use WordPress better watch this tutorial here!

Now you are officially a blogger. All you got to do is keep publishing new recipes consistently!

How do food bloggers make money

Alright! If you’ve reached here you’ve come a long way already. Great work!

Thus far we’ve learned how to start a food blog, now lets learn how to make money from a food blog

So let me keep this short and sweet. In order for your to make money you need a ton of traffic.

Organic traffic or the traffic you get from Google will bring in the most views. But it takes a while to get there.

If you want to start a food blog and make money, you got to put in the work.

Your articles need to rank higher on google. And to do that you need to do the following things.

  1. Optimize your site for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO
  2. Make every page on your site mobile friendly (responsive)
  3. Index your website. Make sure all your URLs are crawlable.
  4. Make sure your website loads fast
  5. Be secure using HTTPS
  6. Have clear navigation and UX
  7. Produce long, consistent, quality content
  8. Work on link building
  9. Get an SEO audit done for your website

And yes to execute all will take time and patience but the good news is you can also drive traffic from other sources.

Besides working on SEO, here are some things you can do:

  1. Ask everyone you know to sign up for your blog. Friends, family coworkers, acquaintances, social media friends.
  2. Use every social media platform to promote your blog. Pinterest is the most beneficial for bloggers. Join the blogging groups and communities. Network.
  3. Check out blogging forums on Google
  4. Opt for paid advertising on social media and promote your blog through ads.
  5. Guest blogging is another option. Write for bigger sites that will allow you to link back to your website and give you more exposure. 

Okay, now that you are driving in some traffic, let’s talk about making an income through food blogging.

There are multiple ways to monetize your food blog. Here is a list:

Displaying Ads

Most food bloggers make money by running ads on their websites. It can earn you a good sum of money depending on how high your traffic is.

To make money through ads, you need to sign up and get approved by advertising networks. These networks run ads that might be of interest to your audience.

To learn in-depth about how to make money as a food blogger, I highly recommend you check out my article on how to effectively make money blogging.

It’s a detailed guide that sheds more information on ad revenue and ad networks.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the best way to make quick money so far. You promote a product on your site and encourage your audience to buy it.

On their purchase, you get a small commission.

In this method, you need to get affiliated with the brands or companies you want to promote for.

For example, to get affiliated with amazon, just go to the bottom of their homepage and click on become an affiliate.

How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money: An Effective Step by Step Guide

The same process applies to any other brand or company you want to work with.

As a food blogger, promoting or talking about the best kitchen appliances, dishes, crockery would work wonders for you!

To know more about affiliate marketing and how to make money from it click here.

Selling self-written guides/books

The best part of having a food blog is you get to sell your own cook book!

All your original recipes, your kind of food making in one book. Get your audience hooked with your amazing food recipes.

Teaching by providing courses

The next way to make money would be to create a cooking course.

These courses could be anything from mastering one cuisine to beginner chopping skills.

Courses give people all the information they need in one place. Be a teacher to numerous amateur cooks.

Once you have a decent amount of traffic on your blog. You can write posts reviewing restaurants and their dishes in return for a fee.

You can yourself reach out to certain restaurants or they can come to you once you prove your authority as a food blogger.

Make sure to use social media as much as possible. Most of your clients might discover your blog on social media platforms.

Last Thoughts

So there you go, now you know how to start a food blog and make money from it.

It is hard work, I know. But trust that it is going to be worth it!

Many bloggers give up too soon. So they don’t reap the benefits. Keep going and you will be thanking yourself in the future.

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